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"Empowering Country Rock Music

To Lift Your Spirit And Feed Your Soul"

L A T E S T   R E L E A S E

"Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination!" Get a taster of my latest album here 👇

F E A T U R E D   V I D E O S


I am a British/Italian Empowering Country Rock singer/songwriter.  Once you take a look around my site, listen to clips and read about my music, you will understand why I call my music empowering.  I have written a fusion of soul-stirring and thought-provoking songs all borne out of my own personal journey. 


Life isn't always easy, right?  Around 2016, I had a successful career and thought I had found 'the one', but in September of that year, my life came crashing down on me. It threw me totally off my steady course. 


I have always sung since I was a child, but I hadn't really written much - just a few songs here and there which I did as a hobby.  After losing my dear mother; realising he wasn't the 'one' and quitting my job for personal reasons, all in the space of a month, I started putting pen to paper and by the December, I realised I had written an album's worth of songs.  My outlet was writing and this is how my debut album 'Blank Canvas' came to be.  I will take you on a roller coaster journey of the highs and lows of life, but I promise to inspire hope.

Fans say my voice is "soothing, beautiful and melodic" and that my songs "inspire to look on the positives of life even in their darkest times".  If this is the first time you are listening to my music, I truly hope you feel the same.​


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