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S A B R I N A   M A R I A

"Christian Alternative Rock Music"

Music to Lift Your Spirit and Feed Your Soul!

30th November 2021

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Fans and Smoke


I am a Christian Alternative Rock singer/songwriter, with a twist of Country. I have written a fusion of soul-stirring and thought-provoking songs mainly borne out of my own personal journey. 


Life isn't always easy, right?  Around September 2016, my life came crashing down on me. I lost my mother, I left my successful career due to personal reasons and suffered a few other losses, all in the space of a month.  Alone and confused, I decided to dust off my guitar and pick it up again.


I started putting pen to paper and by that December, I realised I had written an album's worth of songs.  My outlet was writing and this is how my debut album 'Blank Canvas' came to be, which was recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool and released in March 2017.  This album will take you on a roller coaster journey of the highs and lows of life, but I promise to inspire hope.

After the release of 'Blank Canvas', I continued writing and my 2nd album; 'Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination!' came to pass which was released in March 2020 and recorded at Parr Street Studios - Liverpool,  Seaview Studios - Kent and Ten21 Studios - Kent. This album will inspire you to review your own personal circumstances.


As we all know since 2020, Covid hit and times have been very hard for everyone.  God is leading me in a totally different direction.  My music is now focused on the truth and I don't hold any punches!  I'm currently working on my 3rd album and I have to say I'm really excited about the music that is being produced as I feel the Holy Spirit with me in a special way during the creation process.  Originally, I was on all social media platforms, promoting myself and music, but I feel God now wants me to focus entirely on Him.  

Therefore, my music is ALL for the glory of God our Father in Heaven who needs His mighty remnant to fight for His Kingdom.  I hope the music He and His warrior Angels create through me will bring healing and awakening to whom He created YOU to be during these end times.

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