Fight or Flight - What Are You?

I’ve been contemplating recently, how we as human beings are reacting to this pandemic we face ourselves in.

As the saying goes ‘fight or flight’. You can read the meaning here. What I have gathered (and this is my own conclusion) is that there a few different categories:

Fight: There are those that NEED to know everything that is going on and tackle situations head on. They will research every last bit of detail to get to the truth; sharing this information with others.

Flight: Those who do not want to know what’s going on and want to live in their own little worlds of peace, joy and happiness; sharing funny posts, memes etc.

Ambivalent: Find out the meaning here. Interested in what’s going on, but not letting it bother them. Basically, sitting on the fence and going with the flow/majority.

Cognitive Dissonance: You can find out in full, what this means here. In short, it means that they have a mixture of fight or flight and become stressed and filled with anxiety because they are trying to make sense of their two conflicting emotions.

The reason why I am sharing this is because none of these emotions are wrong. It’s so important we understand the different reactions. As we see emotions heightening, we need to understand and respect the different reactions.

I come under the ‘fight’ emotion - I always have done. I have always fought for the truth or what I deem to be wrong and I am passionate about it. However, I also understand that those who fall under the other categories will not appreciate my posts or voicing my opinion. In fact, I have lost friends and family because of this. I will not change who I am – I can’t. I find it frustrating when people just don’t ‘understand’ what is really going on, but I also understand why.

Can you see how disharmony is created? It’s so important therefore, that instead of lashing out at people you don’t agree with (I've seen some posts getting downright personal and nasty); not just in this pandemic situation, but in all situations, is just pointless and a waste of energy. You will NOT change how people feel.

Perhaps we can all take a step back during this very stressful time and understand that we are not all the same. If people’s reactions bother you, then unfollow them or just ignore their posts; but please, don’t lash out at them. This doesn’t do you any good – you’ll become stressed. It doesn’t do the person you are lashing out at any good either because they will feel hurt and rejected.

Right now, with this coronavirus in the air, we need to keep our immune systems and our energy at optimum levels and that means loving and respecting one another, not getting stressed and anxious.

An example of this, is I have a lovely friend and we have completely different points of views. You’re talking either ends of the scale lol. However, we know when to stop talking about the situation so it doesn’t affect our friendship or the total respect we have for one another. I have other friends where we are on the same side of the scale, so I go to them to talk about my views. Please think about this and don’t lose friends/family over difference of opinions at a time when we need each other the most!

I am not a psychologist and I do not profess to be. This is solely me trying to bring peace and harmony from what I understand about the fight or flight response into a world which is full of fear right now. We need to be there for one another, not fight against one another.

Peace, love and wonderful music!

Sabrina Maria

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