Silence Is Deadly

When I write blogs, I have to be inspired and I am very passionate about the subject Silence which I’m about to touch on.

Silence – is it a good thing or a bad thing? Now that is the proverbial question! I’ll be the first to admit, that I have used silence to let other people know I’m not happy. To be honest, I had to otherwise, I would have said something I regret and that is definitely a bad thing, so the quote mentioned above rings true! However, in my opinion, if you continue silence without giving the other person the opportunity to know why you are upset with them, it shows a huge lack of respect for that person and after I have calmed down, I always explain in a loving way why I was upset. We’re all human after all and we all make mistakes and simple communication can help the relationship become even stronger.

However, there are narcissists out there, who just love to see you break down through their words and actions in order to give themselves a sense of control. Permanent silence and breaking free from them is the best gift you can give yourself. However, whether we choose to or not is a different matter. Putting up with these behaviours is not good for you or the narcissist because their behaviour will never change and you will start believing what they say. I digress – this is a slightly different topic, but you get my drift!

So, let’s break this down – where do we draw the line with silence and what is acceptable when you’re on the receiving end? I ask because I’ve experienced this recently with someone and I asked them outright if I had done something to upset them as I would be the first to apologise if I had. There was no response. I am still to this day trying to figure out what I did wrong, but then I got to thinking that I probably didn’t do anything wrong, it’s an issue within themselves and to let them be; move on and don’t waste any more precious energy dwelling on the situation because I know that my intentions are always good! Of course, I’m saddened by the breakdown of this relationship. But to me, it showed utter disrespect and smacked of game playing. I have lost trust in that person and it could have all been avoided by communication.

So, I’d like to end this blog by saying yes, ‘silence is golden’ at times, but we must also think about our actions. Are we being over-sensitive? Communication is the key!!

The best gift we can give to ourselves and to others is RESPECT. Aretha got it right in the song.

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