What Is Your Greatest Fear?

I wanted to touch on the subject of our biggest fears. I honestly believe that because we never want to 'associate' with our biggest fears, we bury them deep inside us. I'm going to admit publicly that my biggest fear is rejection. I'm not going to go into the reasons why and my experiences, but I want to be able to show my humanity which is what my whole brand and ethos is about!

In today's world we are bombarded by fakeness through social media and mainstream media. It's hard to know what is real and what isn't. This is the reason why I am so passionate about being REAL. People compare themselves to fake people or news and start to doubt themselves or even worse begin to think that there is something wrong with them. There is NOTHING wrong with you! More often than not, it's people who post about how wonderful their life is that are the ones suffering the most.

I was watching a great TV series last night. I was gripped. A blogger judged something on the news (wrongly) and wrote about it on one of her posts. What ensued was a nasty barrage of comments from people agreeing with her and judging an innocent family. The response from one of the family members was this: 'people are looking into a mirror and shouting at themselves when writing these posts - you have to feel sorry for them'. That comment really moved me because it is so true. People who haven't dealt with their own pain will lash out and judge others. FACT! If you were truly at peace with yourself, you wouldn't have a need to jump on the bandwagon of hate speech. Also, my song 'Show Me The Love' touches on this very subject!

Going back to topic - fear is gripping and stops us from reaching our full potential. I've entered an industry where I am constantly being judged about my music and the way I look etc. Does it scare me? Yes, it does, but I will not let the fear of rejection beat me. Instead, I use that energy to purposely do or say something that goes against the norm and may well bring on rejection. When I see nasty posts on social media, I will not stand for it and I'll be the first to pull people up on their insensitivity. Sometimes, I will get defensive comments back, but more often than not, it has stopped the nasty comments within the thread and that is good enough for me! I face my rejection fear head on and it's empowering.

Do you have a dream you really want to go for, but fear is holding you back? It's so important to recognise what your fear is and the root cause of it. Embrace, accept it and don't be scared of it, because it is a part of you and in some way has made you into the person you are today. It's never easy confronting your fears and I very much recommend talking to someone you trust or if that is too hard to a priest, pastor, counsellor, therapist etc.

Fear is like a cancer living in your body which will only slow you down and hold you back in life if not dealt with.

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