My 2nd album 'Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination!' was released on 23rd March 2020.  This album follows on from my debut album 'Blank Canvas' released on 26th March 2017.


Both albums are written from my own personal journey of the ups and downs of life.  I'm the type of person that cannot express my emotions into words, but when it comes to writing lyrics and putting pen to paper, it just flows.


If you're similar to me and want to listen to music to resonate to, then this album is definitely for you.  The songs will lift your spirit and feed your soul with upbeat Country-Rock music and soul comforting lyrics.


I'm so proud of this album, which was also quite a journey making it!  Maybe, there'll be some content from those experiences for my 3rd album ;-)


With this album, you will also receive a lyric booklet to download!


💖 Thank you for supporting Independent Artists!




Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination! mp3




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