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Embrace The Dark Times

February 9, 2019

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog.  I’m not much of a winter person, in fact I tend to hibernate and close myself off.  I remember my late dad always used to say “I wish I could hibernate after Christmas and wake up on the 2nd March for my birthday”.  Like father like daughter I guess! 


When I ‘hibernate’, I tend to do a lot of soul searching and try and get to the root of anything that’s causing me to lose peace.  I’ve never hidden the fact that I have a strong faith, so I believe God uses this time to speak to my heart and He always does so in miraculous ways!


My 2nd album is due for release in the Spring of 2019 and I have to admit that I nearly threw in the towel and was going to abandon the release.  You see quite a few of the songs on the album were recorded in August 2017.  Since then, I have had some song writing coaching and mentoring and have grown as a song writer, so when I was listening back to those songs, I thought ‘oh dear, they are not good enough.’  This led me to question everything and I went into hibernation!


However, during this hibernation, I came to the decision that it’s time for me to start afresh; a new life so to speak.  Losing my mother 2 years ago and my father 5 years before that has left quite a big hole, as we were a close family.  When you lose your anchor, you start to drift and it can be a hard process getting back on course and I decided that in order to stop drifting further off course, something has got to change.  I am dual nationality British/Italian and I’ve decided to move out to Tuscany in Italy in the late Spring to start a new life.  I have also decided not to throw in the towel and release the album.  I’m currently getting a couple new ones recorded to put on the album (as I’ve been writing a lot).  A lot of time, effort and money went into the recording of those songs, so it would be a waste not to release it.


With the promise of Spring round the corner, I feel I’m back on course and it’s going to be quite a big year for me with the release of the album and my impending move.  When I was writing those songs back in 2017, that was my song writing journey at the time and it is nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s the angel/devil scenario on each shoulder and I finally smacked that devil down 😊! 


Life is too short and I guess what I am trying to say is sometimes when you hit those dark times in life, give yourself the time to feel them.  So often, we try and keep ourselves so busy to avoid those negative feelings, but are they negative feelings?  Could they be trying to steer us in the right direction?  I can say hand on heart, I’ve gone through quite a few dark times in my life, but when I’ve come out of them, my life has always changed for the better.  I truly believe that when we stop running away from them, we allow ourselves to find those eureka moments.


I’m so excited about what the future holds – a new album and to live in Tuscany.  We all deserve the best in life even if we tell ourselves we don’t!


“Life Is A Journey”; Sabrina Maria’s 2nd album will be released on all major streaming platforms on 23rd March 2019.  To keep up-to-date follow me on:


Facebook: @sabrinamariamusic

Twitter:    @sabrinarmaria



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