What Fans Say ...

"Thanks for a great album. Not a song I didn't like and was really touched by your ballad 'Mama' - gave me goosebumps! Your voice captivates on all your songs. Love the tempo changes in songs like 'Shotgun' and 'Survivor.' Some hints of Sheryl Crowe meets Christine McVie. We just recently changed our format to indie rock and your music fits like a glove. Your songs are well mastered and rival any artist out there - indie or mainstream. More than happy to share with Canada and the world"  ~  Randy, Q108 Kingston Indie Radio

“I love your spirit of wisdom" ~ Joseph, Twitter

"Sabrina sings from the heart and the results show in her music, a lovely voice backed up by emotion makes some wonderful music. I rate Sabrina's "Blank Canvas" album as one of my top 5 played album's" ~ David, Facebook

"What a great Singer. Our listeners on Radio Country Road 58 love the song

"I've enjoyed As Much Of You As I Can Stand ..." ~ Frank, Facebook

"Sabrina is the epitome of what an artist is. She tells her story through songs. Love to support her and the music she creates." ~ RS Sparks, Facebook 

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